Samos ( population 33.814), the island of Pythagoras, is one of the largest Greek Archipelagos islands in the East Aegean, not far from the Turkish coast ( just 1.200 m).

The total area of Samos including the islets, is 475 square kilometres. Its maximum length – from North to South- is 20 kms and the total perimeter is 78 miles.

The landscape is mountainous, and it is characteristic that Samos has the highest mountains in the Aegean. The highest mountains, Kerkis (1.434m) and Ambelos (1.150m), separate along the island and as a result protect the south part of the island from the northern winds and simultaneously increase the rainfalls which explains the varied and abundant vegetation. The climate fluctuates from Mediterranean to tropical.

There are also many plains such as Chora, Mesokampos, Vlamari valley, the Agios Konstantinos plain and the Karlovassi plain. There are no real rivers, but abundant water is provided by seasonal streams as well as springs.

Around Samos lie the isletsPrasonisi, Daskalio, Diapori, Makronisi, Strongilo, Kasonisi, AgiosNikolaos, Petrokaravo, Samiopoula and Agios Ioannis.

The Island of Samos has numerous beaches which range pebbled to sandy and from large to small. In combination with the villages that dot the countryside, some situated in the mountains and others surrounded by the sea, create an idyllic landscape.

In Samos, the wide variety of fauna and flora combined with the lush, green vegetation – such as the olive trees, pine trees etc- create a visual treat of colours which enhance the island’s beauty.

Coastal and Airline connection on the island are on a regular basis, especially during the summer months. The distance from Samos to Athens by ship is about 10-14 hours due to stops made at various ports in the Aegean. The flight by airplane is about 45 minutes to Athens. Also, there is a large number of charter flights directly from different European countries to Samos.

Various tours are organised on a daily basis to the surrounding islands, such as Patmos, Ikaria, Fourni, Samiopoula and to Kusadasi.

There are many ways to familiarise yourself with the island of Samos; there are daily bus connections to most of the villages. For the more adventurous who want to roam throughout the countryside, the secluded coasts and climb the high mountains. You can tour on the island by foot or by jeep. You can also rent a car, jeep or a motorbike at fair prices. To nature-lovers and hikers, Samos offers many opportunities to visit the untainted and panoramic landscapes. The countryside and the natural surroundings in Samos is a return to nature for many. The mountain of Kerkis (a very old volcano) with a large number  of caves  is of a great interest and should be investigated.

Samos by night is also entertaining; there are a variety of places to go for some fun which cater to all ages, tastes and finances. There are bars, pubs, few discos and bouzouki dancing halls with live Greek music.